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Launched in 1986, the pinky Summertime was built on the Maine coast using traditional methods by George Allen, Bill Brown, and many interested volunteers. Master builder of the Summertime, Captain Allen first began sailing as mate on the Stephen Taber in 1960 before becoming her captain in 1963. He has also helped rebuild and skipper the schooner Richard Robbins and served as ship's carpenter for the schooner Victory Chimes.

Construction of the Summertime incorporated a variety of locally cut, seasoned woods, including oak for the keel and frames; locust for the stem and trunnels, or “tree nails,” that hold the double-sawn frames together; cedar for the planking; hackmatack for the top timbers and deck beams; and white pine for the deck.

Captain Bill Brown, skipper and owner of the Summertime, is a United States Coast Guard-licensed Captain as well as a Maine EMS-licensed Emergency Medical Technician. He has been sailing Blue Hill and Penobscot Bays since his arrival in Maine from Ohio in 1974. He has sailed on the schooners Victory Chimes and Mary Day and has captained the schooners Mercantile and Timberwind. Captain Brown also taught at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School.


Pinky Schooner Summertime photos
Sailed August 23-25, 2007 -- Rockland, Maine
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